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Take Note A414

  • Features -

    Write/draw/sketch on normal paper with pen 

    Use it anywhere to capture your notes/drawings 

    Additional Plug-n-play pen tablet functionality 

    New Online Writing Function. You can write on paper and see the same simultaneously on computer screen.

  • Digital page file formats - DHW; DND.
  • Digital pad size - 336mm (length) x 245mm (width)
  • Digital pad thickness - 12mm
  • Digital pad weight - Approx. 615g (excl. batteries)
  • Writing area - 210mm x 279mm
  • Writing thickness - 14mm Max.
  • Notepad holder - 210mm x 300mm
  • Built-in memory - 32MB
  • Memory slot - Secure Digital ( SD ) memory card slot
  • Digital pad power source - Alkaline battery AAA 1.5V x 4
  • Digital pad battery life - About 80 hours continuous use
  • Interface - USB 1.1
  • No. of pens bundled - 1 pc ( Blue )
  • No. of refills bundled - 2 pcs ( Blue ), 1 pc (Plastic tip refill for Pen Tablet functionality),
  • Digital pen size - 134mm x 11.3mm (diameter)
  • Digital pen weight - 13.8g (incl. battery),
  • Digital pen power source - One 1.55V button cell battery
  • Digital pen battery life - Approx. 14 months,
  • Ink refill size - 67mm x 2.3mm
  • As natural as it can get - Take Note feels as natural as writing on ordinary paper with pen. You also have the advantage of immediately getting both a digital record and a hard copy duplicate of your handwritten notes even when you are on the move
  • Carry it anywhere - Take Note is very easy to operate and ultra-portable too. It comes with an ultra-thin & light digital pen with a regular and replaceable ink cartridge. The pen ink cartridge & paper pad are easily available in every stationery shop
  • Unique and useful - It captures digitally everything you write on regular paper. No special paper is needed. iBall Take note has a storage capacity of 32 MB and can store more than 100 A4-size pages of completely full handwritten notes
  • Efficient and flexible - Take Note’s software lets you organize your digital pages in Windows. You can do highlighting, annotating (select, copy, move, erase etc.), typing, viewing, changing color and drawing functions
  • Portfolio - An extremely useful and easy to carry portfolio is included free with iBall Take Note
  • OS Supported - Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. Intel based Mac OS X v10.5.x or later (Without online writing and Handwriting recognition support)
  • System requirements - Pentium III or equivalent or higher CPU, 128MB or higher (recommended) memory, 1 free USB port, CD-ROM drive, 32MB free space
  • Bundled softwares - iBall Take Note Manager Software, MyScript Notes 2.0 Hand Recognition Software,
  • Bundled accessories - Take Note A414
    One blue digital pen
    4 x AAA 1.5V Alkaline battery
    1 x Button Cell 1.55V
    USB Cable
    Software CDs
    User Guide
  • Pen tablet function - It can be used as a regular pen tablet when connected to a PC, allowing to command your PC and freehand input.
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