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Microautotech speed Governor

his Speed Limiter is based on the Fuel management system that used to control the speed of the vehicle by virtue of the quantity of fuel. It consists of Speed Sensor, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Solenoid Valve. It is installed in between the fuel pump & fuel filter. ECU can be programmed at any set speed. Speed Sensor is installed between the lower extremity of odometer cable and gear box .As the vehicle start moving its odometer cable rotates due to this rotation. Speed Sensor generates for a train of output pulses which are transmitted through cable to ECU. When subsequent output of the solenoid is generated. that control the flow of fuel quantity to maintain the set speed. This process is continues throughout the journey .this speed limiter is suitable for all big diesel operated vehicle like tractor , trailers and other vehicle having GVW greater than n 3.5 tonns
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