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Major Benefits
  • Table Mate slides right up with just one finger until it touches your body.
  •    Takes 2 minute assemble without any tools or fasteners.
  •    Ideal for people in limited space environment like students or the elderly
  •    It folds into a semi-folded position for storage next to a chair or completely folded configuration for storage under a sofa or in a closet.
  •    Table Mate 2 stack next to each other in semi-folded position
  •    Ideal for anyone with mobility problems or anyone recovering from an injury, illness or operation
  •    No cross-braces to bump your legs on
  •    TV Tray Table adjusts in three different ways - to your body size, to the activity you are doing and to the chair you are sitting in.
  •    It is the most comfortable table ever for eating in front of the television or using for a laptop computer.
  •    It is ideal for just about anything and everything you normally do at a table surface.

Great Features
  •    Portable
  •    Table tray that can adjust to 6 different heights and 3 angles
  •    Light in weight
  •    Adjustable Cup Holder
  •    Multiple table Like having 18 tables in 1
  •    Ideal for those with limited space and mobility
  •    Holds up to 20Kg
  •    Folds flat for storage or stacks

Multi Uses
  •     Laptop holding table
  •     Study desk
  •     Reading table
  •     Writing table
  •     Drawing table
  •     For playing board games
  •     Card table
  •     Outdoor tray table
  •     Patio tray table
  •     Serving table

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